What Organized By Terri clients have to say:

Amy N.- Prosper,TX
I need you in EVERY area of my life! The parts that you helped me get under control are just priceless! I would have you organize EVERYTHING! By having you organize my closet, I was able to pack for a trip like I have never done before! AMAZING! You are a BLESSING and can't wait till you can come again. I can’t express how truly grateful I am for your expertise and your kind and gracious evaluation of my MESS! You are a time saver and you set my mind to peace with what you did. THANK YOU

Mary G.-McKinney, TX
Since moving to Texas last year, Terri has done an incredible job of helping to unpack and organize our stuff. She is so pleasant to work with, and has great, thoughtful ideas. She has also done a great job of organizing items related to our family history. We plan to bring her back from time to time to keep us track.

G. Caufield, Frisco,Tx
Terri totally reorganized my kitchen. She installed Reva-shelf brand shelves in all of my cabinets, so now I can pull out the cabinet instead of having to reach into them. She did the space planning first, then went back in to do the organizing. She even reorganized my spice cabinet! Everything has a place. She took extra things from the kitchen that I didn't need and consigned them, sharing some of the profits with me. They organized two of my closets with Elpha shelves, as well.Member Comments: She explained all of the products with me, gave me all of the pricing, and gave me her suggestions. She let me make every decision without pressure. She always kept my budget in mind. She took the time to ask me about my lifestyle and what I wanted out of my kitchen. I was comfortable having her in my home. Her husband, Dan, did most of the manual installation, and he was pleasant to work with, as well. They worked fast and hard and did not waste any time. I am so proud of my kitchen and cannot wait to show it off! I would recommend her to anyone!

Mary Pat S. -Plano, TX
Terri has helped me with several projects over the years. Most recently organizing 19 years of pictures and memorabilia.
She has a wonderful system in place and got me started in the right direction. Easy and painless. Now it's up to me. I know she is one call away and she will zip in and get me back on track if needed.
She has the right creative tools and easy going personality to make any job easy.

K.N. Carrollton
Since I was a child I have struggled with chronic, some might say pathological, disorganization and an inability to keep my living spaces in any semblance of order. When I was a kid my mother helped keep my room somewhat in check, but once I moved out to college my dorm room quickly turned into a disaster. I would go through periods of collecting the detritus of every day life, and then, when it finally became too much for me--i.e., when it became difficult to walk through a room--I would go into a purging frenzy, and I kept this pattern up for years. Even after I married, I worked from home and so much of household upkeep became my responsibility. I could keep a house modestly clean, but clutter and chaos always invaded within the hour. I just didn't understand how to be organized, and my highly-organized husband suffered for it for years. Often he would turn to me and say something like, "This house has too much stuff in it. We should buy a new house and move things into it as we need. Anything left in the old house at the end of the year should get sold." Sometimes we would think we needed a bigger house just to store thirty years of collected things between us (not helped by locally living parents always looking to pawn their unwanted items onto us as well).

Then one day when my husband, who works a highly stressful executive job, turned to me and said, "I'm going to take a week off of work and purge the house," I finally realized we needed professional help, and I called Terri.

Terri immediately calmed me, even in our initial phone consultation. Her professionalism and confidence put my mind at ease, and I begged her to help me get my house in order--ALL of it. So she came to our house and got to work on the kitchen.

Terri is a workhorse, a tru#101; rock star when it comes to her job. She takes her job so seriously, and very personally. She communicated openly and freely so that I knew she was thinking constantly about things that I never thought of, such as how the flow of the household could be facilitated and what sort of organizational things might be purchased in order for everything to have a place. First was the purge, and then she came in with all her neat little tricks--boxes and shelf-doublers, bins and shelves--and when she was done, the kitchen, which had been in chaos with counters covered in stuff and cabinets in disarray and a pantry that defied order--the kitchen was suddenly, magically... clean. And organized. And everything made sense. There was a place for everything and everything in its place, where before I thought I had too much to fit into the available space. Terri helped me to get rid of all that I didn't need, and helped me find space for what I did need.

After the kitchen, Terri helped organize the living room, the master bathroom, and the office, and from her example I was able to do some organizing of my own in my son's playroom and his little bathroom. The transformation was magical, especially the master bath. Where there had been nothing but junk ALL over the counter tops and crowding around the sinks and inside the cabinets and the linen closet, there's now neat little labeled bins. Finding what I need is a snap. On the counter there is now a few glass jars with soaps and cotton balls and some beautiful candle sticks. My master bath is now a spa, and I enjoy a bath in it almost every night. No longer does it stress me out just to step into it--it's a sanctuary.

Terri helped turn my house into a place of peace and rest, instead of a place of stress where things needed to be done, and cleaned, and tidied. Her organization has made it so that maintaining a beautiful house is a breeze, and I often find myself wandering through the house, tidying up, just because it gives me pleasure to do so, to have things nice and neat and just right, whereas before the very thought of picking up a bit made me want to cry because I had no idea where to even begin. Terri changed my life, and I am so grateful.

If your house and your life are out of control, Terri is the one you should call. I say without reservation that the best money I have ever spent was on Terri's services. It's been a month since Terri was last at my house, and it is still clean and tidy and beautiful, and improving every day.

Thank you, Terri.

G. Gilbert Sherman, TX
Terri, your assistance in organizing my home is greatly appreciated. From my recipes, pantry, closets and office, your help has saved me many hours.
I feel completely comfortable with your presence in my home. I know you are a person of high character and integrity. Thank you for a great job!

P.H. McKinney TX
Terri is amazing! My girl's toys were nothing but a big pile of unorganized clutter. Terri came in and set up a system that is organized and easy to manage. What a difference this has made in our lives. Thanks Terri!

S. L. Prosper, TX
I'm just getting started with Terri, but we have already made enormous progress. She is very easy to work with, and I truly enjoyed our first session together. She is most definitely an organization expert!!!

Robin McCarley-McKinney,TX
I would like to say Thank you Terri with Organized By Terri for helping me get my daughters room, and playroom organized. Both rooms look great, and are very organized. My daughter is so excited about everything having is own place that she has kept it that way! I would highly recommend to anyone to use Terri to help you get 'everything in it's place!'

Donna Ross, Director Donna Ross Ballet, Dallas/Frisco TX
I can highly recommend to you Terri Cox and her company, "Organized By Terri." I first had Terri help me get my belongings organized after moving into my first rental house in Frisco in 2001. She was efficient, pro-active, creative and reliable.

I was so impressed with her professionalism and with her personal warmth, sensitivity and integrity, that when I bought my very first home/ballet studio in June of 2004, I had Terri help with the organization and installation of my many belongings. She is an organizational wonder!

I do not hesitate to recommend to you this charming, caring and meticulous professional organizer. She can help even the worst pack rat get organized.

Malinda H. -Roanoke, TX
We have hired Terri on multiple occasions. She is a wonderful organizer and has helped my husband and I immensely. Terri is knowledgeable, dedicated, and trustworthy!

Janine B.- McKinney, TX
Terri is very knowledgeable about how to organize, what products to use and the quickest way to get it done. She also organizes according to your needs and what would work best for you.

Client, Frisco, TX
The closet and room are still organized! That is tremendous progress. We are very pleased with the organization ideas! The layout and process work well.Terri is a natural and an "organizing angel."

Erin L. -Allen, TX
I had Terri come in and organize my kitchen. She did a great job and I'm very pleased with the results and everything is still running smoothly after 3 months! I made very few adjustments to the organization she put in place.

Qudsia Maqbool, Frisco, TX
Terri, it has been a pleasure working with you. Not only does everything look wonderful-it feels great too. I used to walk into my master closet and feel overwhelmed and honestly-depressed. I just did not know where to start; I used to go and try to find organizational items but again, did not know where to start.
For the first time since I have moved in I actually feel relaxed and in control again. I feel like, finally we can enjoy our new home instead of constantly worring about what to do with everything!!
Thank you so much Terri for all of your help, you don't know how appreciative we are of your efforts. You're warm, kind, and caring personality along with your enthusiasm during this project really makes you an amazing organizer as well as an a amazing person. We have been, 'Organized to a T' and are loving it! Thank you again! Oh by the way, when do you think you will be ready to do our study?